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Hi, my name is Pippi.


What I want to introduce to you today is the software often used in fashion design—– ET, this ET is not an alien, but a piece of software. This software is the most popular in China. It has many advantages. I will not describe them one by one here. Lets take a look at its specific operation process. Costume spielberg

First, install the software

The installation of this software is basically a fool Format, follow the steps step by step, download address:et spielberg file/7715018-456442440

Then open the software installation root directory, double-click the program in the figure, as shown in the figure:et spielberg< /p>

Then you will see a very beautiful software interface, as shown in the figure:

At this point, the installation of ET has been successfully completed, the next step is it operation.

Second, know the basic workspaceet spielberg

First of all, we can Adjust the transparency, as shown in the figure:

Then we modify The background color of the window, as shown in the figure:

Here we want If we want to draw, we dont need to create a new window, just open a black window to spielberg

Three, smart pen

We can use the smart pen to draw, As shown:

Click the arrow, then drag the mouse, such as Picture:

You can drag a rectangle, a line or a polygon. As shown:et spielberg

You just need to right click and then left Click to draw a straight line or curve, and the rectangle is drawn when the software is opened for the first time. We can also draw lines by setting the specified length and width, as shown in the figure:et spielberg

We can also connect several graphics using brushes, just drag a shape with the left mouse button, and then hold down the Ctrl key to connect some line segments, as shown in the figure:et spielberg

If we want to customize the drawn shape, directly select the corresponding shape in the smart pen classification toolbar. Yes, as shown in the figure:et spielberg

We select the rectangle, As shown in the figure:

It can be seen that all drawn are rectangles, we can delete the graphics we selected, as shown in the figure:

Then left-click and drag to select all the parts to be deleted, as shown in the figure:et spielberg


You can see that the color has changed now. The red part of the graphics is the target object we selected to delete, and then click the right mouse button to complete spielberg

Fourth, Summary

ET can be said to be one of the most popular clothing pattern-making software It is not only rich and diverse, but also easy to understand. After learning it, you can easily make clothing patterns, and then use computer typesetting and printing to improve work efficiency. At present, 95% are computer typesetting. , manual versioning is spielberg

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