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Humans are the only intelligent creatures on this planet. People have been fantasizing about the starry sky since the beginning of primordial fur and blood. However, thecinq et la peaupsychologyof the ancients was full of fear of the starry sky, especially when they saw the meteorite that fell from the sky, it was even more frightening.

Due to the lack of scientific knowledge, people in ancient times knew nothing about the universe outside the universe Therefore, many beautiful legends about the universe were born.cinq et la peau

With the development of human society, human beings have moved from primitive society to feudal society, and finally to science and technology. Although humanity has only just entered the age of technology for less than two hundred years, what we do is amazing. With the advancement of technology, peoples quality of life has been improved, and we have left this planet to explore this world.cinq et la peau

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Only if you leave the earth, you will understand how vast the world is and how small the earth is, from space , and it is completely different from looking at it on Earth. With the development of technology, people also realize that the stars at night are mainly stars, so many people begin to wonder how many galaxies and how many stars there are in the universe.cinq et la peau

To know how many stars and galaxies there are in the universe, we must first know how big is this universe? Our observation technology is still at an early stage, in a relatively low-level stage, and the field of view is very small. At that time, scientists thought that the Milky Way was a complete galaxy, and the number of stars in the galaxy was not large.cinq et la peau

However, with the development of technology, our observation ability has been greatly improved. Astronomical telescopes, we can see the stars beyond the Milky Way.cinq et la peau

After the big bang theory was put forward, scientists found that the current universe has a lifespan of 13.8 billion years, and now, the universe we can observe It has reached 93 billion light-years. In fact, this interval is based on the Big Bang and the rate of photons, and through observations, scientists have also discovered the amazing fact that the universe is constantly expanding.cinq et la peau

If the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light, photons cannot be observed. If we cant observe a photon with a telescope, then we have no way of knowing its location, so we can determine a considerable distance. Beyond our field of vision, there is a larger universe, but we cannot see it, only a mysterious and dark space.cinq et la peau

So when we talk about how many stars and how many galaxies are in the universe, just use 93 billion calculations, how many galaxies as big as the Milky Way are there in this region? How manycinq et la peaustars like the sunare there?

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Theoretically, if we have a high-tech telescope, we can A comprehensive scan of the entire universe in a very short time, resulting in the number of all galaxies. Of course, this is only a matter of theory, and in practice it is impossible for us to do so because our observations are so small.cinq et la peau

There are very few things that the human eye can see. From space, most of them are Total darkness. So, what our eyes can see is a dark starry sky? In order to uncover this mysterious secret, scientists have done a lot of observation experiments with high-precision astronomical telescopes.cinq et la peau

In 1995, scientists aimed the Hubble Space Telescope at a seemingly empty area and observed 10 days. This area occupies only 1/24 millionth of the universe, and as far as our eyes can see, it is pitch black and has nothing. But after more than ten days of observation, the results surprised everyone. There are more than 4,000 galaxies in this inconspicuous place.cinq et la peau

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In 2003, scientists again aimed their telescopes at the constellation Fornax, a location smaller than the last observed, at just 2600 One in ten thousand. After days of observations, we have found about 10,000 galaxies of different colors and sizes.cinq et la peau

The last time Hubble observed deep space was in 2012, compared to the previous two, this time The detection area is much smaller, only 1/32 million. Over 23 days of observations, this pinpoint-sized region was equally astounding, as there are more than 5,500 galaxies in this image.cinq et la peau

Three observations, we can find that in the dark universe our eyes can see, there are many Galaxies, they are about the size of our Milky Way. There are hundreds of millions of stars in every galaxy, and the number is even more incalculable.cinq et la peau

So, how many galaxies can we observe now? Scientists preliminary estimate is 176 billion. A scientist from the University of Nottingham, UK, combined the Big Bang theory with a variety of physical parameters and mathematical models to design a virtual universe on a computer.cinq et la peau

According to the data of this virtual world, this number is about 93 billion, and of this number, there are at least 20,000 billion.cinq et la peau

Because the universe has been constantly moving, swallowing, and merging since its birth, so in the early universe , the number and density of these galaxies far exceed todays. The Milky Way we observe now is a very small part of the entire universe. In fact, we cannot observe these stars because of the large amount of stardust blocking them.cinq et la peau

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So, even if the astronomical telescope is constantly observing in a small area, the stellar coefficients obtained are only a small fraction . With the continuous development of human technology, the power of space telescopes will become more and more powerful, and we can observe more and more galaxies. We firmly believe that if human beings continue to work hard, one day, we can observe all the galaxies in the entire universe, and even the outer space beyond the observable universe.cinq et la peau

But as we become more observant, our understanding of the world changes More, while also feeling how insignificant human beings are. Although our observations are far from the earth, there is still a long way to go to complete surface detection.cinq et la peau

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