IntheUFOincidentthatshockedtheworldin1947,didtheU.S.AirForcereallydissectthecorpseofaliensjean cocteau beauty and the beast

In 1947, there was a UFO news that shocked the world. A mysterious UFO crashed in a remote desert area in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. The wreckage was collected by the U.S. Air Force, who secretly dissected the alien common sense media

According to local news reports in Roswell, a member of the U.S. Air Force Eighth Army named Jesse Mather Major of Ernest obtained the wreckage of the flying saucer from a sheep farm worker and sent it to the 8th Air Force common sense media

After the Second World War, due to the development of human flight technology, pilots of various countries often claim to have seen UFOs in different places. Interest in UFO incidents is unusually common sense media

The news immediately caused a sensation, but it was not long denied by the 8th Air Force Corps. The commander-in-chief of the Eighth Army publicly stated that what the major got was not a flying saucer, but the wreckage of a common sense media

However, people questioned what the wreckage of the balloon was, and the 8th Air Force avoided talking about it, which caused countless peoples suspicions. Later, with the mysterious disappearance of the insiders of the incident one by one, this matter also came to an common sense media

In 1978, another 31 years later, one of the participants in the Lowell incident that year, Major Marshall, suddenly appeared. He published a report in the National Explorer, an American curiosity journal, claiming that what he saw in Roswell was either the wreckage of a balloon or a flying common sense media

As a core party, Mathers report once again caused a sensation. Mather was an intelligence officer for the 509th Bomb Group. The 509th Bomb Group was the only atomic bomb-dropping force in the world at the time, and Mathers job was to investigate the plane common sense media

Mussels special identity makes people more suspicious of the 8th Air Force Headquarters statement. After all, as a professional intelligence officer, Mather even participated in the work of the atomic bomb. How could such a person not be able to distinguish the wreckage of the common sense media

Meanwhile, other indirect witnesses continued to speak, some claiming to have seen alien common sense media

A witness named Dennis said he was working as a funeral director at a funeral home in Roswell. On July 7, 1947, he received a call from the headquarters of the US Eighth Army. A phone call asked if there were childrens-style coffins and how to preserve the mutilated remains. A call sent him to the scene of an accident in Roswell, where the injured was a US Air Force common sense media

When Dennis arrived at the hospital, he participated in ambulance surgery there. As he left, an officer ordered the gendarmerie to take him out, and a black sergeant warned him not to tell what he saw in the common sense media

Faced with the uproar of doubts, in 1994, a US Air Force secretary named Richard Weber issued a special report in his own name: There is no evidence to prove that the incident that happened in Roswell in 1947 , associated with common sense media

This report denies any claims related to the wreckage of the flying saucer, but reveals that the Roswell incident was related to a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance program called Mogul at the common sense media

Project Mogul uses probe balloons that lift off from an aviation base near the Roswell area. Therefore, the wreckage recovered that year was a balloon, not a flying saucer as Major Marsell common sense media

At this point, it seems that the UFO wreckage incident of that year is coming to an common sense media

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Not long after, a businessman named Ray Shantilli publicly announced that he had purchased the real film of the Roswell incident at a high price from a photographer in the US common sense media

The videographer was once employed by the U.S. Air Force and has since retired. In 1947, he was ordered to travel from Washington to Roswell to film the crash of the Roswell common sense media

The film is 91 minutes long and has 14 reels of 7 minutes each. It is a black and white documentary, but there is no sound. This black-and-white documentary has once again made a splash and shocked the scientific common sense media

A documentary by the US military, can it announce that the mystery of aliens is about to come to light? However, as the film played, many were skeptical about the common sense media

First, this photographer is from Washington. At that time, it was impossible for the 8th Army of the US Air Force to not have a professional photographer. What about Washington?et common sense media

Second, many of the autopsy records in the United States at that time were in color. It is impossible for the military to be so backward and use black and common sense media

Thirdly, the quality of this video is relatively poor, and the picture quality is not clear, which makes people doubt whether it was shot by a professional common sense media

Although experts have raised various doubts, no one can completely deny the authenticity of the film. Moreover, there are many UFO enthusiasts around the world who still believe that aliens common sense media

In 2006, another amazing news came. A British TV stuntman, Hamfreth, promotes that he made the Alien film. He was filming through props with several other TV stuntmen. The shooting location was not in the desert of Roswell, but in a flat in London. The films distributor, Ray Santilli, is also one of the common sense media

So far, the Roswell alien incident seems to have come to light, but it is just a farce of some peoples fraud. However, with the continuous update of UFO incidents in various places, the Roswell incident is still being repeatedly mentioned by fans, and it is far from common sense media

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