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Recently, NIO officially announced that its NIO ES8/EC6/ET7 and other models will be launched with a new color scheme of “Airspace Blue”. The optional price is 10,000 yuan. At that time, these models will be available in 9 body colors including Mirror Sky Powder, Yunchu Yellow, Astronaut Blue, Cloud White, Stratosphere Blue, Sunlight Orange, Aurora Green, Star Gray, and Deep Space Black.clara et moi

It is reported that Airspace Blue is NIOs 2022 annual The color is inspired by the universe of the Carmen line at an altitude of 100 kilometers.clara et moi


In terms of appearance, NIO ET7 is positioned as a medium and large pure electric vehicle , The whole vehicle adopts a simple design style, and the front face adopts the design of the closed front face X-Bar, with the integrated LED headlights and daytime running lights, creating a very avant-garde visual effect. Looking closely, there are prominent lidars and cameras on the top of the front windshield. In addition, the new car has 33 sensors all over the body to assist the vehicle to achieve high-level assisted driving capabilities.clara et moi

Smooth lines on the side of the body, C-pillar part and rear line Blended into one, the dual waistline design with hidden handles and large rims create a dynamic effect. Coupled with the dome-style roof, the visual effect is very stunning. In addition, the new car also comes standard with Brembo brake calipers. In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 5098/1987/1505 mm, and the wheelbase is 3060 mm.clara et moi

The lines at the rear of the car are also very simple, and the tailgate part With a slightly upturned duck tail, the slender through-type taillights are very eye-catching. In addition, the official said that the new car will provide two kinds of appearance packages to choose from, namely bright chrome chrome modern fashion and matte gray chrome sports passion.clara et moi

The interior design is also very simple. It adopts Weilais second-generation digital cockpit technology, equipped with a 12.8-inch central control screen and a 10.2-inch instrument, and is equipped with Qualcomms third-generation digital cockpit computing platform with 5G Network, V2X, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6, UWB and other in-vehicle mobile interconnection and communication capabilities. In addition, the interior of the new car is decorated with renewable wood veneer, and the entire system comes standard with a Microfiber microfiber headliner, HUD head-up display and Nappa interior package, air conditioning vents with a hidden design, and wrap-around waterfall ambient lighting.clara et moi

In terms of sensors, the new car is equipped with the NIO super-sensing system Aquila, equipped with 33 high-performance sensing hardware, including 11 8-megapixel high-definition cameras, 1 ultra-long-range high-precision lidar, 5 mm Wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radars, 2 high-precision positioning units, 1 vehicle-road cooperative perception and 1 enhanced driver perception, which can generate 8GB of image data per second. In addition, it is also equipped with four Orin chips from NVIDIA, with a total computing power of up to 1016 TOPS.clara et moi

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 180kW front permanent magnet synchronous motor+ The combination of a 300kW rear induction motor has a combined system power of 480kW and a peak torque of 850 N·m. The official acceleration time to 100km/h is 3.9 seconds, and the braking distance from 100-0km is 33.5 meters. In terms of battery life, the new car offers two options of 70kWh and 100kWh batteries, with a cruising range of 530 kilometers and 675 kilometers under CLTC conditions.clara et moi

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