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Its another incident of people witnessing aliens. This time, they still escape alive? It was also the military intervention, and the three girls became close-range witnesses! What is the truth in the end?et 2

01. Wounded Unidentified Creature

Time: January 21, 1996

Location: Vagenia, Brazil

At 3 oclock in the afternoon, the sky was covered with dark clouds and a heavy rain fell.

Pedestrians on the street have to speed up, or they will be drenched in heavy 2

Not far away came three young girls,

Sisters Liliane, Valquiria and their friend Katia (Katia).

Although the rain was quite heavy, the three of them were holding umbrellas, so they took it easy and chatted happily while walking on the 2

Just as they were about to get home, just as they turned an alley,

the three girls suddenly stopped,

they looked terrified He looked in the direction of the wall not far away…et 2

I saw a man covered in mud curled up at the wall, probably because the weather was cold and he was still shivering.

Out of good intentions, the girls were going to ask if they needed help,et 2

But just as they approached,

the man suddenly Look up at them!

Ah…the youngest Katya screamed, turned and ran.

The remaining two sisters were also scared to death by this man and ran away 2

Afterwards, the three recalled the scene:

It was not a person at all, he had a pair of Huge red eyes, three raised bulges on the head, reddish-brown skin all over the body, it seems to be injured, and there is a pungent smell around…et 2

Three girls on the street The news of encountering a red-eyed unknown creature quickly fermented!

It caused panic in the whole city…et 2

It turned out that the day before the red-eyed unknown creature was discovered,

The city just experienced a UFO fall event.

02. The UFO fell

The time was reverted to the previous day – in the early morning of January 20et 2

A farm on the outskirts of Vagenia was originally silent The atmosphere was suddenly broken by the sound of cows.

Ola and her husband were awakened from their sleep, Ola got up and opened the curtains to look 2

Suddenly, a dazzling light flashed across the sky, and

Something resembling a submarine and a bus, dragged a huge fireball diagonally over the farm,

p>et 2

At the same time, Carlos, who was driving on the highway not far away, also noticed that

A huge rectangular glowing object suddenly appeared in the dark sky.

Because of his positions wide field of vision, he saw the object fall towards the farm not far away!et 2

Carlos tried to approach the crash site, but it was already half an hour later.

At this time, the place was blocked by the police, and he couldnt see what was going on 2

However, some people still saw a lot of things at the scene of the incident. According to their memories:

It was a strange aircraft, the surroundings were on fire, and the thing apparently fell and fell. It was smashed, and firefighters carefully collected all the 2

I heard a firefighter inside say inadvertently, there were two dead inside that thing, and two escaped alive…et 2

Various versions of the rumored description of the scene come alive.

In short, many people highly suspected that it was an alien spacecraft that crashed on the farm early that morning!

03. Two escaped?et 2

Among these gossips,

the most adrenaline rush is the escape of two live ones on the spot…

And the daytime on January 20 ,

Wagenia has indeed received a lot of unidentified biological alarm calls!et 2

Some citizens reported to the police that they saw strange-looking creatures walking through the woods…

Not long after, some nearby citizens heard two gunshots,

I also saw the police carrying a large bag with stuff and came out of the 2

What is in the big bag, no one knows…

< p>

While the whole city was in a panic,

On the afternoon of the 21st, it was revealed that three girls were On a rainy street,et 2

I saw a red-eyed monster squatting in the corner and shivering!

This is like adding another scoop of hot oil to the raging fire!

Then, coincidentally, at 6:00 pm that day,

A citizen found that two patrolmen rushed into a hospital with an object,et 2

and The maternity ward was temporarily closed for two hours!

Everyone guesses that this is the doctor dissecting the red-eyed monster.

Its just one wave after another,et 2

Several things, but the timeline is seamlessly connected…

Now, the citizens are very concerned about this. The attention of extraterrestrial biological events is unprecedentedly high!

Relevant government units have a look, this is bound to cause unnecessary confusion, and needs to be investigated and 2

04. Official explanation

First of all, in response to the incident of the three girls witnessing the red-eyed alien, the official explanation was that it was a suspected liar. Dragon event?et 2

Officially believed that the monster the three girls saw was actually a 34-year-old deaf-mute cerebral palsy man who lived 2

Due to the heavy rain at the time, the disabled man was covered in mud, which made the girls mistakenly think they saw a monster…

Also, there are suspicions that the three teenage girls may have made up this lie,et 2

Because the previous days UFO crash was in full swing,

It would be a very cool thing for young people to take this opportunity to say that they saw aliens…et 2

Secondly, the official explained the incident in the delivery room of the hospital that afternoon.

It is said that the patrol police carried into the hospital was just a petite pregnant woman,et 2

et from home

not a red-eyed alien.

However, the official explanation seems weak and the public may not buy it.

05. Unsolved Mysteries

In those days, the rumors of the hospital dissecting aliens were very widespread, and even the doctors name was clearly 2

This doctor named Fertudo,

never answered any related questions since then!

Until 2012, after a lapse of twelve years, he publicly replied for the first time:et 2

I have never seen aliens, let alone dissect aliens people!

Actually, in the whole thing,

the most critical thing is whether the three girls witnessed red-eyed alien creatures.

In response to this problem, a Brazilian expert who specializes in UFOs has spent a lot of time continuing to investigate the 2

Even, he published a research report in 1999.

I personally met that 34-year-old disabled man, although he is mentally retarded, he is not a fool, he can even do it himself Dressing, eating, and washing, then why did he crouch on the wall and shiver when it rained heavily?et 2

The most crucial point is,et 2

The monster the three girls claimed to see had big red eyes, but the official explanation ignored it. Not to mention this, why is that?

Of course, ufo incidents all over the world,

the final result is often the same. Shrouded in a cloud of fog…et 2

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