In1967,aUFOwascapturedinaBritishtown.Whentheengineerdisassembledit,helickedtheliquidintheflyingsaucer(Part1)et disney

The British town of Warminster is said to be the first place in the world to successfully capture UFOs. In 1965, the British city of Warminster was a very ordinary town. 1,000 years ago, Ang The Grussaxons used to make their home here, but over time Warminster has slowly transformed into a picturesque and unique town with a population that has grown exponentially, almost doubling , of course, these are nothing to be surprised by, until January 1965, the whole town went crazy looking for something, they were tortured by this sound, and what was the source of it all ?et steven spielberg

et steven spielberg

On Christmas morning in 1964, a strange sound was spreading down the town. Like someone roaring in the cave, the incident was reported frantically by the newspapers. The newspapers and the phone kept going. Almost half of the residents of Warminster heard this strange sound. Some people even claimed to have heard this noise at Christmas, and the thing making this strange noise has been bothering people for the next few weeks and months, and some people even started to have headaches Or steven spielberg

et steven spielberg

In the early morning of June 3, someone suddenly called the police. He claimed to have seen a cigar-shaped plane floating in the sky. That thing is not big, about 5 meters long and 2 meters wide. At that time, there were more than 20 witnesses at the scene. Then on August 17th, an old man heard a loud noise not far away. It was like the sound of a big explosion of some kind of object. As long as the residents thought about it afterwards, they would express abnormal fear, because They saw orange flames burning in the air, and there was a crackling roar, but unfortunately, no one took the picture at that time, and there was no conclusive steven spielberg

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et steven spielberg

This strange sound has always bothered people in Warminster town, and later some people ran to the place of the incident and made strange noises The voice, who didnt know it, thought he was assimilated by aliens. Just in case, people squatted on the mountain day and night until one day in 1967, the town of Warminster seemed to have found the answer. An old farmer took his son to work, but found a silver UFO in his field. Its appearance is no different from a flying saucer, and its general shape is perfectly connected. It is not like an airplane that exists on earth. There was a buzzing sound, and there was still an unpleasant smell around. The farmers were worried that the UFO was aggressive. They waited for the police to arrive before they dared to slowly approach this unfamiliar unknown steven spielberg

et steven spielberg

The reporters who came to hear the sound also took the weird photos, and the next day the incident spread all over the streets, The police naturally had to take measures to avoid causing a commotion. Then the British Air Force was immediately ordered. The Royal Air Force sent an elite team to retrieve the UFO. The residents of the town thought it must be an alien masterpiece, and the noise also came from aliens. Human flying saucers, and there must be more than one alien flying saucer on the nearby mountain, maybe they have quietly built an alien base, after all Warminster town and the famous British Stonehenge are less than 15 miles steven spielberg

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