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Its really hard to explain the existence of aliens, because there are many people who dont believe it at all and can only think that what you said is false and that what you photographed is P. Are there really aliens in this world? Its hard to know, but its worth mentioning one thing that happened in America in 1947.ex et

That is the crash of the flying saucer, and said that many aliens died because of it. After the United States discovered it, it secretly dissected the bodies of the aliens. The United States has been hiding this matter, but it was unexpectedly exposed by the media.ex et

This happened in July 1947 On the 5th, an old man found a spaceship falling to the ground when he went out. It can only be said that it was like a plane crash, but the shape of the plane was completely different because it was round. When I got closer, there were even strange creatures, like aliens, and they all died tragically in the flying saucer. Then the old man reported to the government, and the government took them away immediately after coming, and ordered everyone not to disclose information to the outside world.ex et

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But the news was still revealed, and many media came to interview the old man, and the old man told him after he was annoyed. The truth in the media became what we know now. We dont know whether its all true or not, so we dont make any comments.ex et

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Media reports say the US government After the body and the flying saucer were taken away, a comprehensive investigation was carried out, and even the body of the alien was secretly dissected by the United States. The U.S. government did not respond to this incident. As time went by, many people sighed when they mentioned this incident, but no one went to investigate the truth of the incident.ex et

The author thinks that maybe there are aliens living in this world, and they may have crashed in the United States, but what I dont understand is why they all happened in the United States, and why Aliens look the same as us. They all have one head, two hands and two legs. Why cant they have three heads?ex et

But Hawking once said that we cannot let alien civilization surpass us, otherwise there will be disaster. Does that mean that aliens really exist? What do you think, readers? Please leave a message below.ex et

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